Glass Art by Joe Stained Glass Studio LLC

When my Grandfather, Patsy Difilippantonio, reached the age of 70, he decided it was time to explore a new passion. He enrolled in stained glass classes and transformed a corner of his basement into a cozy stained glass workshop where he meticulously crafted exquisite stained glass pieces. During one of my visits, he introduced me to his newfound hobby and showcased some of his stunning creations. It took less than half an hour for me to become utterly captivated by the art of stained glass. Inspired by my grandfather's creativity, I embarked on my own journey into the world of stained glass. 
I enrolled in classes at a local college and soon established my very own stained glass studio in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. My first mentor and instructor in this art form was none other than the renowned stained glass expert, Sam Schatz. 

Around that time, Sam was renowned for producing the iconic stars that adorned the Moravian Book Store in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Naturally, I sought his guidance to master the craft of creating these magnificent stars, and before long, I was crafting and selling these beautiful pieces. 

I began sharing my stained glass creations, which included Moravian Stars, Candle Holders, Angels, Suncatchers, Panels, and more, at various local craft shows and fairs in and around Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

My passion for stained glass continued to flourish, leading to the birth of Glass Art by Joe Stained Glass Studio, LLC. As a comprehensive studio, we offer the ability to craft customized stained glass pieces for those looking for something truly special, as well as provide expert repairs for existing stained glass treasures.

If you're interested in discussing a unique stained glass creation or wish to acquire one of our exquisite stars, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email.

I sincerely appreciate your visit to our website.

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